Greg Abraham is a professional photographer working out of Oakland, California, who comes from a small village nestled in the French Alps. Although he primarily works in photography, Greg also likes to incorporate video and computer rendered images into his work. He learned the importance of using quality images to sell a product from his time studying business marketing from the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder. Afterwards, Greg completed a BFA in professional photography from the renown Brooks Institute in 2013, with a specialization in commercial product photography. Furthermore, Greg developed his composition and gained a greater appreciation for product design at the Art Center College of Design.

    Greg’s strong composition and design elements stem from his long-standing veneration for modern architecture and minimalism. To him, it’s all about distilling products to accentuate their simplest aesthetic qualities. All in all, Greg is about giving the client eye-catching photography no matter what the scale, complexity, or constraints. 

Greg also thinks writing about himself in the third person is odd. Greg likes motorsports and is constantly tinkering with engines, when he isn't tinkering with cameras.