The Humble Beginnings

Okay, here goes... I'm not a writer so please excuse the lack of eloquence.

As I sit here, slightly drunk, on the 30th of July 2017; I am determined to start this continuous endeavor. 

I want to uncover those tiny moments, the little things; that we smell, that we taste, that we view, that we feel, or those ideas that makes us feel all warm and tingly inside along the way. I want to know those instances that may seem insignificant or trivial, that make someone feel satisfaction. 

Yes, we always want to capture the big moments, and, yes, we tend to only remember the large events in our lives. As a photographer, we make a living on capturing the important events.  However, I think the little things that make us happy are sometimes the things that keep us pushing and keep us motivated. I want to capture those things. 

To keep it short and sweet, I want to uncover the simple pleasures of people I meet around me in my daily life.